Miramar Creative is proud to support the Roxy5 Short Film Competition

The Roxy5 Short Film Competition provides a platform for young people to express themselves through the creativity and collaboration of film making. Year 7-13 students across the Wellington region produce a 5 minute film which must include 3 key elements. The theme is Kiwi stories and we encourage our students to create a narrative from their perspective, utilising the resources around them. The main judging criteria for this programme is creative story telling potential, not technical proficiency.

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the team

The programme is run in partnership with Capital E and is the genesis of our objective to support educational pathways into the creative sector.

Starting with the Roxy5 for intermediate and high school students, through to our partnership with Victoria University of Wellington for tertiary study at the Miramar Creative Centre and then Pohewa Masterclasses and Workshops offered to students of all ages who want to develop their practical creative skills.

the remake

During the Roxy5 competition, all students are engaged with directly by the Roxy5 team, where they receive practical advice on how to develop and deliver a good story and the fundamentals of the film making process.

The winning senior team has the unique opportunity to have their film remade under the guidance of professional industry mentors. The Junior team spend a day in Miramar travelling around all of the film facilities and talking to some of the legendary founders of the NZ film sector.

There are some other fantastic prizes including Best Original Score where the team spend a day with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and New Zealand Youth Orchestra.

Best VFX winners spend a day with Weta Digital,

Best Costume and Makeup prize is to spend a day with Weta Workshop and People’s Choice where students develop their creative digital skills with the team from Capital E

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ROXY5 2017 






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ROXY5 2017


Ōtak college

- Ranginui and Papatūānuku -

the students

As much as film making is the vehicle of the competition, during the journey our students learn a wide range of soft and hard skills that transcend across a range of creative and digital technologies.


For more information go to: www.roxy5.nz or contact us at info@miramarcreative.nz