Thanks to everyone who was a part of Creative Futures 2018 - so details about this years event as per below. Stay tuned for details of Creative Futures 2019…

Victoria University of Wellington and Miramar Creative Ltd present Creative Futures 2018. Hosted in Miramar at the Miramar Creative Centre, the Roxy Cinema, Weta Workshop Experience and Park Road Post Production, this two-day event will offer insights into new technologies and demonstrate their application to creativity, business and our future daily lives. Join us to hear from a range of speakers leading in their fields in New Zealand and internationally, and experience first-hand how these technologies are shaping our Creative Futures.

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Richard Taylor 15 Feb 2018.jpg

sir richard taylor


With 30 years of experience working in the creative industries, five-time Oscar® winner Richard Taylor is the creative locomotive of Weta Workshop. 

Richard engages with, and injects his unbridled enthusiasm into, the projects that enter the Weta Workshop design and manufacture pipeline. This extends to a range of new creative technologies including Mixed Reality gaming, 3D printing, computer-controlled animatronics, digital modelling software, and the innovative pipelines he and his colleagues have developed for the Workshop.  

Richard will share with us his experience with these technologies, and how they are transforming the creative process and bringing extraordinary characters and imaginary worlds to life.



Dr. Leon Gurevitch

Associate Professor at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design

Leon’s creative practice covers a range of areas from astrophotography to data visualisation software.

His research focuses on Science, Technology and Creative Innovation and his current work concentrates on the relationship between Skills Migration, Creativity and Industrial Innovation.

Leon currently lectures graduate and postgraduate courses in photographics, computational culture, and systems design.

Leon will discuss with us - Is there a relationship between creativity and innovation? How do the migration of ideas, people and careers impact both creativity and innovation? Summarising two decades of research and practice on the subject, Leon will provide insights on the subject and its potential career implications in the creative sector. Referring this back to the great first two speakers, Leon will broaden the topic out to a dialogue with the audience on what they would like to gain out of the next two days.

Maru - Shot.png

maru nihoniho

managing director, game producer and designer at Metia Interactive

Under Maru’s leadership Metia developed SPARX, an educational tool to help rangatahi combat depression. SPARX was developed in conjunction with researchers from the University of Auckland and is an animated 3D game where young people learn life skills to combat depression by completing challenges based on proven cognitive behavioural therapies. The game has been proven to have a significant positive impact on young people aged 12 to 19 years. SPARX has won several awards including the 2011 United Nations World Summit Awards in the e-Health and Environment category and the UNESCO Netexplo Award in 2013.

Maru will talk to us about the fundamentals of new technologies and what they look like in and educational and business development capacity. 


SJN - Head shot .png

PROFESSOR Sally jane norman

director of Victoria University of Wellington's New Zealand school of music – Te kōkī

Passion for creative technologies underpins past roles as Artistic Co-Director of the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (Amsterdam), Director of the Ecole européenne supérieure de l'image (Poitiers-Angoulême), and founding Director of Culture Lab, Newcastle University's interdisciplinary digital hub. She has collaborated with motion capture  partners at the International Institute of Puppetry (Charleville-Mézières), Animazoo (Brighton), and Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/ Musique (Paris). Sally Jane is advisor on cultural policy and interdisciplinary research for organisations including the European Research Council.

During our time with Sally Jane, she will address the unique contribution artists make to technology development processes, and the importance of this contribution in an increasingly normative society.


Ian Williamson.jpg


Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce, Victoria University of WELLINGTON

Ian is a globally recognised expert in the area of human resource management. His research examines the impact of "talent pipelines" on organisational and community outcomes, and, in particular, focuses on how human and social capital influences firm operational and financial outcomes, talent management in the context of new ventures and growth-oriented firms, the role of human resource practices in driving firm innovation, and the impact of social issues on firm outcomes.

Ian will will talk about his experience, insights and studies into business and commerce being transferable and vital for success in developing a creative business. Discussion around strategic business skills being more relevant than ever for creative entrepreneurs. 


Te Aroha.png

Te aroha morehu

innovation officer, Ngāti Whātua Ōrakei

Ngāti Whātua Ōrakei have had the mana and the privilege to host and be heard by, peoples in Tāmaki since the 1700's. The ancient role is to care for and serve the most Global City of New Zealand Aotearoa, the city called Auckland... Whātua Poumano, the City of Pillars.

As long term investors of the land Ngāti Whātua Ōrakei want to grow with the local and global guardians who align with our ancient pedigree of care and our vision for shared prosperity. Our stories are here... timeless and eternal... right beneath our feet...

It is my privilege to serve as the Innovation Officer of my tribal development entity, mapping an ancestral framework of thrivability to a globe that is craving its meaningful, contemporary and real world value. In this role I look at a natural yet digital future for our people and seek to implement a long term investment into developing our tribal innovative capability.

Te Aroha will share with us some insights into his role and the social awareness of developing technologies that are inclusive and connect us all with our culture and heritage.




Dr. Taehyun Rhee

associate professor at Victoria University of Wellington, founder / director - victoria computer graphics research lab, deputy director computational medical innovation centre and founds of dream flux

Dr. Taehyun Rhee is an associate professor at Victoria University of Wellington, a founder/director of the Victoria Computer Graphics Research Lab, deputy director/research director of Computational Medial Innovation Centre, and a founder and leader of the mixed reality startup, DreamFlux.

Before joining Victoria in 2012, he was a principal researcher in the Mixed Reality Group, Future IT Centre at Samsung (2008-2012). Also, he was a senior researcher/researcher of Research Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics (1996-2003).

His current research activities is focused on cinematic real-time lighting and rendering, mixed reality rendering, immersive visualization and interaction, and human digital content interaction.

Ben Forman - Pic.jpg

ben forman

CEO and founder, WRESTLER

Ben founded Wrestler a little over seven years ago and has grown Wrestler into one of NZ's most successful independently owned creative agencies, creating content for clients both nationally and internationally. Ben also started one of NZ's first commercial drone companies, and helped pave the way for working legislation in the industry. With a strong focus on business growth through creativity, Ben is constantly pushing the boundaries with new technology and storytelling, exploring richer ways for us to communicate.

Ben will share with us how Wrestler established and grew a new business within the creative digital sector. How pioneering NZ content creation differs to what is created in other markets and how keeping on top of the most helpful digital developments are key to quality content creation.





Friday 5th and saturday 6th October for 2 full days

Join us for two days of demonstrations and discussions exploring the effect of new and future technologies on creativity and innovation. Hear from some of the most creative innovators working with the latest digital technologies. Event location is split between the beautiful Roxy Cinema and world class Park Road Post Production with a demonstration and the newly completed Miramar Creative Centre.

Starting at the Roxy Cinema, 5 Park Road, Miramar

industry networking

thursday 4th october

A chance to meet the speakers and industry leaders involved in this event plus network with a range of industry leaders and visionaries who are developing the latest creative technologies

The Roxy Cinema, 5 Park Road, Miramar

learning pipeline

FRIday 5th october

In this 3-hour interactive workshop aimed at high school and intermediate aged students, you’ll learn how to create digital textures, objects, and the ultimate digital tree-house space! Learn how the technology behind your favourite computer games and animated movies works, and have the opportunity to build, decorate, and experience your own space in virtual reality. This workshop is an awesome opportunity to explore the potential of your imagination at the Miramar Creative Centre.

This workshop session will cover:
Creating digital textures,
Building a VR tree house and
The VR experience. 

Miramar Creative Centre, 
133 Park Road, Miramar