Miramar Creative in partnership with Wrestler have established a range of Masterclasses available to everyone.

Pohewa - which means to imagine and create.

Pohewa Masterclasses are practical workshops for the creative sector, run by local industry professionals and world class international guests.

Based on practical learning methods, the courses will empower you to create your own content under the helpful guidance of industry experts.

At the heart of these classes will be a focus on storytelling, looking at how different technologies, old and new, can best be utilised to create compelling experiences for audiences.

If you’re serious about up-skilling and want exposure to inspirational industry leaders working on world class projects, then these masterclasses are for you.

Each applicant will need to answer a few questions about their experience so that we ensure the group is at a similar level to make sure that everyone gets the most of out the masterclasses.


Check out the link below to see whats coming up next for Pohewa.

pohewa overview 2018