Pohewa are small industry-lead masterclasses. We run them in a state of the art facility right in the heart of Wellington's film making community, Miramar. Founded by Kristy Grant, Kat Lintott and Academy award winner Jamie Selkirk. The goal of Pohewa is to offer access to industry professionals, technology and thinking in order to foster a greater community of creative professionals. 

We wanted to take a fresh approach to creative education. We've spent over a year designing and testing what we believe to be a high impact masterclass. It's an intense two days of extremely practical and immersive learning, with industry professionals mentoring you throughout the process. The goal is to have you leave with something tangible, whether that's a script, a VR environment or a business plan. We structure the classes to suit as many learning styles as we can, mixing practical, theory and kinetic learning techniques


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Turning your creative intellectual property (IP) into a commercial reality is an area the creative community in Aotearoa needs more support in. These masterclasses will be an intensive two days, to work on the protection of your creative IP, as well as taking the opportunities to commercialise that creative product. 

Here in Wellington we have great industry leaders who have achieved this on a global scale who want to share their learnings and experiences with you to develop a robust creative IP / Commercialisation plan for your creative endeavours. 

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